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Motivation is a daily requirement if you want to be successful. So, how do you tap into what motivates you when you've forgotten what it is? How can you harness motivation to fuel and accomplish your goals? What forces drive you and how do you align them with your work?
Motivation does not simply give you the energy to work, but allows you to entirely change your perception of everything you do. Conversely, your change in perception will start to affect the types of long-term behavior in which you engage. (psychcentral.com)

Join us for an interactive, insightful workshop that will help you find the right path for your inner drives.
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Driving Forces Move Your Forward 

When you know what motivates you and use it to drive you forward
happiness and success are automatic.
Recognizing what motivates others improves your relationships.
Interact More Effectively With Others
Learn where motivation comes from and why it wanes.
Develop A Deeper Understanding of Motivation
There are 12 Driving Forces that affect how and what motivates you.
Identify Your Driving Forces
This Workshop Will Help You....
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Take Your Journey To Success
This workshop is perfect if you:
  • Are having trouble accomplishing your goals
  • Are looking to make a career change
  • Are a manager looking for insight on how to motivate your team

Included In This workshop:
  • Online Driving Forces Assessment
  • 3-hour Interactive Workshop
  • Workbook

Register by December 9th and 
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Upcoming Workshop
January 9th, 2017
9:30am - 12:30
Workshops held at the offices of Coaching By Karen, Jacksonville Beach. Also available for your team at your location. Contact us at (904) 323-2946 for more info.